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Financial Controller

Making the role of custodian easier and more efficient

The agency landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Many Financial Controllers have had to keep pace with new and sometimes clunky technologies amid highly fluid business environments.

We’ve seen countless examples where Controllers were confronted with inaccurate and manually-driven reporting systems. Accountability realised these generic systems were unworkable and incredibly time consuming. In short, information was impossible to control.

So we designed a tailored cloud-driven solution, with an integrated approach to financial and job management. By creating a unified system, Controllers are now able to perform a true custodian role across the entire business.

Accountability has witnessed our powerful solution improve productivity, streamline reporting and provide Controllers greater confidence across an agency’s finances.

Bespoke Reporting

Tailored reporting delivers single version of truth, eliminating need to produce reports outside system


Gain true oversight with financial information that is 100% accurate all the time

Custom Dashboarding

Create your own custom dashboard to instantly see all your key financial information and reports

True Mobility

No matter where you or your team is, they’ll have instant access to ‘real time’ data on their device or browser

Key Features

  • Automated processes for month end reporting
  • Cash Flow management and reporting tool
  • In built intercompany accounting and reconciliation
  • Embedded analytics tool to drive business insights
  • Real time data on the numbers that matter
  • Intuitive, clean and user friendly operating system