Agency type

Medium sized digital & CRM agency

Office locations

  • London

Number of Users


Duration to implement

21 days

Why AccountAbility

Speed to deploy; cost effective; total agency visibility

Agency description

Tangent is a digital & CRM agency that combines data, strategy, technology and creative to help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers across all channels. Their diverse range of clients include, The UK Labour Party, SAP, Carlsberg, Wolseley, Dunhill, Bang & Olufsen and TAG Heuer.

With one of London’s largest agency development teams, they bring innovative ideas to life, creating long-term value and influence. Tangent is part of Tangent Communications Plc, an AIM listed company (TNG), and is based in Central London with approximately 90 employees.

The Challenge

The incumbent vendor – in an aggressive stand on renewal – threatened to turn off their system as soon as the contract ran out. Therefore the new system had to be installed within one month if Tangent did not want to lose their data.

On top of this, the existing solution wasn’t integrated into their financial system, making financial analysis more difficult and job profitability unreliable. The team was very emotional about this system as they found it complicated and non-user friendly.

After a number of mergers and acquisitions in recent years, Tangent had created distinct streams of information across its digital and software development operations.

These two areas gave rise to varying system requirements which had to be more clearly defined and better understood when choosing a new solution.

The Solution

After the threat from their existing vendor, Financial Director Alexandra Frew began an immediate search for a replacement system. She canvassed the usual job management and accounting system providers, but their cost, complexity and protracted rollouts cancelled them all out.

“I then spoke to a contact who recommended AccountAbility,” Ms. Frew said. “Following the demo we signed a contract almost immediately as we really liked what the product could do. It was cost effective and they could deliver on complete installation and training within our tight time constraints.”

The Results

From beginning to end the system was fully installed within three weeks. Over a 1,000 jobs, 12,000 lines of timesheet entries and full financial data was loaded into AccountAbility. Plus all 90 users were fully trained.

Tangent saw immediate results. The team found the system flexible, intuitive, easy to use, with data entry a breeze. They can now perform in-depth analysis and gain an complete overview of their digital and software operations.

“AccountAbility has totally changed the culture of the company and made us much more integrated,” Ms. Frew said. “Teams have a greater understanding and appreciation of what constitutes a job running well and can now see both sides of the coin.”

The Management Team also has complete visibility of the business and are able to immediately access up-to-the-second data. They can see what areas of the business are more profitable and therefore are able to run all jobs more profitably.

“AccountAbility are very enthusiastic and always ready to listen,” Ms. Frew said. “When I’ve made recommendations they’re always open to exploring change. You don’t find this with other companies, so I would absolutely recommend AccountAbility to agencies looking for a comprehensive, flexible solution.”