Agency type

Independent medium sized marketing and branding agency

Office locations

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Chicago

Number of Users


Duration to implement

2 months

Why AccountAbility

Speed to implement; customised features; low ongoing costs

Agency description

Founded in 2003 by Maneesh K. Goyal, MKG is an experiential marketing, social media & branding agency. MKG leverages human connection to impact consumers and influencers in smart, meaningful ways.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, MKG is an independent, award-winning agency comprised of creative trailblazers that partner with some of the world’s premier brands including Delta Air Lines, Audi, Heineken and NBC Universal.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging with AccountAbility in early 2013, MKG did not have an integrated solution. The size, duration and complexity of its client projects presented large challenges across its job management and accounting.

A main challenge for AccountAbility was to develop a solution which better managed the large number of corporate credit card transactions MKG deal with as a result of project managers booking vendor costs.

The Solution

MKG considered a number of potential solutions, but ultimately settled on AccountAbility when they recognised the immediate impact it would have to their agency.

After initial software demonstrations and discussions to understand MKG’s specific challenges, MKG commenced the implementation of AccountAbility in January 2013.

AccountAbility also successfully developed a customised function for MKG users to automate and streamline the management of corporate credit card transactions.

The Results

MKG Finance Director Chris Jeffery saw improvements to their agency from day one and explains the benefits:

“All we need to access AccountAbility is a web browser, so it makes problem solving on the go easy and painless. AccountAbility provides us with an all-in-one solution that just doesn’t exist in the marketplace: Accounting plus project management all seamlessly tied together.”

The MKG team found the automated Inter-Office Loan function extremely useful. It captures data across multiple locations in a single journal, with the option to separate or consolidate reports for multiple locations.

“The reporting tools cover a vast array of needs,” Mr. Jeffery said. “They are very detailed and at the same time editable for communicating information both internally and externally.”

MKG was equally impressed by AccountAbility’s responsive support team. “When we suggested new functions to further improve the system, they took those requests on board and developed several customised changes for us,” Mr. Jeffery said.

MKG continue to harness the power of our software across its entire agency, with production, finance and senior staff all benefiting from the integrated solution.