Agency type

Large sized experiential marketing agency

Office locations

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Connecticut

Number of Users


Duration to implement

60 days

Why AccountAbility

Ability to manage large volumes of credit card transactions across 400 field staff

Agency description

Inspira’s mission is to bring data to life. They put a human lens on every business challenge.

The agency goes beyond traditional demographic descriptions and starts with a richer understanding of the people they’re engaging with. Whether developing proprietary consumer models or conducting careful ethnographic studies,  Inspira always begin with a better sense of what really matters to their clients and why.

The Challenge

In 2016, Inspira Marketing, a fast-growing experiential marketing company, based in Connecticut USA, engaged with AccountAbility on an ambitious solution to integrate a number of their disparate systems using our platform, with a focus on the agency’s large volume of credit card transactions.

Inspira has 500 staff spread out across most of the US states – presenting an unusual implementation challenge.

Inspira’s search for a software partner

We’ve seen first-hand how difficult it can be for agencies to work through this process. Identifying what their problems are, understanding the business case for changing systems and then finding a vendor that ticks all the boxes can take considerable time and resources.

Jeffry Synder, CEO of Inspira Marketing Group said, “We chose AccountAbility as our ERP platform after an exhaustive search. Whilst there were separate, specialist applications available that might meet the needs of each area of our business, we could see AccountAbility achieved this within a single platform without us having to build integrations between different solutions. This was a massive advantage in cost and efficiencies.”

The implementation – “A true partnership from day one”

One major challenge was to meet Inspira’s specific requirements around the management of large volumes of corporate credit card transactions by it’s 400+ field staff. As with all large agency implementations, AccountAbility worked collaboratively with Inspira’s decision-makers to understand their exact needs and where their current problems were.

“The planning and implementation process has been outstanding, and from day one, it has been a true partnership,” Mr Snyder said. “Our transition onto Accountability was seamless, resulting in no down time and was painless for our internal team. The AccountAbility team took the time to really understand our business and culture and worked with us to configure and implement the system. It never felt like a client/vendor relationship… AccountAbility’s project people functioned as a part of our in-house team.”

The benefits to Inspira’s agency operations

“We like the simplicity of AcountAbility,” Mr Snyder said. “Yet it is a full featured and sophisticated ERP platform which allows us to record and track very high volumes of complex credit card transactions, produce the associated reporting as well as handling all of our accounting requirements.

Ensuring the solution meets Inspira’s ongoing needs

As agencies are always evolving, it’s critical that AccountAbility continue to work closer with the Inspira team and gain regular feedback to drive future development.

AccountAbility’s support is aimed at both the day-to-day user who wants to better understand the system for things like time tracking and job costing, and key decision makers like the CEO Mr. Snyder and CFO Clayton Samaroo who needs live data in a single source of truth on financials for informed decision making.

Considering a new software partner for your agency?

Come and talk to AccountAbility. We’re all about solving your business issues and challenges and setting you up for not just now, but making sure you can adapt and grow as the market you operate in does in the future.

As with Inspira, it’s more than just a software implementation project for AccountAbility – it’s also about creating and nurturing great partnerships that stand the test of time.

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