Automated timesheets increase profitability by improving compliance and data accuracy.

Recording time accurately is a crucial part of an agency’s commercial success. The task of creating timesheets does itself though take up valuable time. It is not a task that staff embrace, and it is often not done very well.

As AccountAbility continues to enhance and evolve as the leading complete agency ERP solution, it has recently joined forces with Openhour and integrated its automated time-tracking software TimeTracker.

TimeTracker automatically generates private timesheet drafts for employees based on their activity, while allowing employees to make changes, as needed. The results are more time for billable work, faster timesheet submission and better timesheet accuracy to inform agency operations.

Terry McMillan, CEO of Accountability, said “The integration with TimeTracker means our users can breathe easy when it comes to accurately capturing time spent on all jobs they are working on. We think it’s yet another example of the power of the cloud platform that AccountAbility is delivered on – the ability to utilise and integrate to other cloud based applications smoothly and seamlessly.”

TimeTracker automatically captures time, learns to assign the correct Job Numbers, is 100% private and extremely intuitive. TimeTracker captures desktop activity, meetings, and even time spent within Adobe Creative Cloud.

“I believe TimeTracker can deliver immediate improvement in the accuracy and timeliness of timesheet recording for agencies,” he said. “with that time data flowing seamlessly into the AccountAbility suite of job cost and time management tools it provides a total solution for today’s agencies.”

Adds Mark Hirsch, CEO of Openhour, “The seamless integration of AccountAbility and TimeTracker enables agency executives, managers and billable employers to do their jobs more effectively. This increases revenues, margins and employee happiness…all of which leads to greater client satisfaction.  I am thrilled to see these two products working together to help ad agencies improve their profitability and competitiveness.”

The TimeTracker add-on for AccountAbility is available now.