Accurate job cost estimating is a fundamental function for running a successful profitable agency. For many agencies underquoting and then over-servicing results in the agency underperforming financially

There’s often a lot of guesswork in estimating, and a too common tendency to ‘keep the price down to keep the client happy’.

As AccountAbility continue to enhance and evolve our job cost and financial management solution for agencies, we’re excited to announce the release of our integration with the Virtu Group’s Scope. Scope allows users to estimate hours and rates for any agency scope of work using anonymized data from over 800 agencies worldwide.

Tracey Shirtcliff, Founder of The Virtu Group said, “Scope is the first tool ever to give agencies real insight on what to charge and what should be in their project and job scopes. A key part of the product is the unique ‘ScopeMark’. This allows agencies to benchmark themselves to hundreds of other agencies globally. This goes down to rates and hours on tasks and the resource needed to complete those tasks. It’s changing the way agencies and clients deal with one another because they trust that what’s being presented is the true cost of things.”

Terry McMillan, CEO of Accountability, said, “Integrating with other specialized cloud-based systems such as Scope means AccountAbility’s agency clients are able to utilize the best and newest tools available. This is another example of the power of the cloud platform that AccountAbility is delivered on – the ability to utilise and integrate to other cloud based applications smoothly and seamlessly. This partnership with Scope builds on our goal to be the market’s no. 1 agency ERP software.”

Mr. McMillan went on to say that agencies of all shapes and sizes across different markets often struggle with the burden of creating accurate job estimates. “It’s not a problem that’s going away. It makes sense to give people access to live data from agencies doing similar work to ensure their estimates are based on industry benchmarks. Scope is a natural fit for what we believe a modern agency should look like.”

The need for these real-time platforms is only growing and more agencies are realising the huge benefits of up-to-the-second information.

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