We all know it’s human nature to be resistant to change. In our risk averse minds, that nagging toothache is allowed to get worse because we’d all prefer to avoid a trip to the dentist.

We also tend to believe (irrationally in many cases) that change is antagonistic – its mission is to undermine our previous decisions. However is that really the case? Sure, we might feel a little silly after waiting so long to get our tooth fixed, but being pain free has so many advantages. Think of all the people who do nothing about it!

Within agencies and the technology they use, a resistance to change like that can stifle innovation, frustrate the workforce, and prevent any chance of addressing inefficient work practices. Ultimately this will be a ‘hidden’ cost on your bottom line that you’re not really aware of!

Our research shows agency people want systems that simplify their tasks and allow them to work both collaboratively and independently, while senior leaders want a complete overview of agency performance to drive decision making through greater business insight.


It’s a way of measuring ROI for a new solution not just in purely dollar terms, but as a means of:

  • streamlining your processes
  • improving productivity
  • empowering your people
  • maximising competitive advantage
  • future proofing your agency

Global consultancy group McKinsey’s recently touched on the transformational potential of digital technology as a way of allowing modern companies to be agile and fast. They called it ‘building foundational capabilities’, saying:

Being digital is about using data to make better and faster decisions, devolving decision making to smaller teams, and developing much more iterative and rapid ways of doing things.…A digital mindset institutionalizes cross-functional collaboration, flattens hierarchies, and builds environments to encourage the generation of new ideas.

This has a direct relevance in agency life. Where clients are demanding more for less agencies need to be nimble and adaptable to change.

A digital mindset in this context means your technology solution inherently caters to change. It’s fundamental to the way your agency has to operate – because this change isn’t temporary and companies have no choice but to evolve.

We get that’s easier said than done. But assessing where you’re currently at is a great first step. You should look at your reporting – at company, office, client and job level – to see if you could be doing things better.

To help get this conversation started, our team has put together a free ebook titled ‘How Fit Is Your Agency Solution?’. It’s the perfect way to understand what’s happening inside your agency and where you may benefit from a cloud based, integrated solution. Have a read and let us know your thoughts!