Like any successful business, agencies are flush with awesome people who possess a mix of awesome talents to help run the show. In today’s world, this workforce is often spread across an entire country, continent and more often than not, the globe.

This month, I’m excited to talk about our recent whitepaper that takes an in-depth look at how modern agencies can overcome growing pains and operate across multiple locations.  These were challenges I experienced first hand during my time as an agency CFO.  

How would your system cope if you open for business in different countries? Could you transact in multiple currencies and accommodate a range of tax systems? Are multiple languages available for users?

Trying to answer these curly questions make for some very challenging problem solving I have to say! Luckily, our Chief Architect Terry McMillan spent thousands of hours designing a system for just these complex environments. Here are a few of his insights from the whitepaper:

AccountAbility’s own findings suggest no global agency groups are running a single financial management and project system across all of their operations. Global ERP solutions simply aren’t designed with agencies in mind.

The inability of the big agency groups to implement a single global ERP solution hasn’t been for a lack of trying or investment. In the last decade most large agency groups have embarked on ERP solutions from the likes of Microsoft, Oracle or SAP. The results of these implementations range from partial success to costly disaster. Why is that?

I hope that’s got you wanting to read more! The whitepaper also has a great case study on a multi-country agency, demonstrating how an integrated financial, media buying and project management system can deal with these complexities.

Go ahead and download the full version right here:

Going Global – How Agencies Can Overcome Growing Pains and Embrace Change